Car Wash

I keep the inside of my car pretty clean. (Well.... with the exception of Charlie's hair that seems to get everywhere when I take him with me.) But, the outside of my car is a different story.  Living at the end of a dirt road is a blessing in most ways but not when it comes to keeping your vehicle clean.  I haven't washed a car by hand in 25 years... thanks to car washes. My favorite car wash is the one with the great restaurant.  It turns a seemingly boring errand or task into an event or an occasion.  I always take Leroy with me when we go to the car wash on Oakdale Road.  There, they clean the car inside and out... and we eat a delicious meal while we wait. A perfect way to spend time while a necessary chore is getting done.  I used to love their cheeseburgers and fries... but now I'm hooked on the BLT.