Mother's Day

I tease my family that "every day should be Mother's Day" and they always come back with the answer... "around here... it is." (And really, I can't argue with that.) I'm pretty spoiled.  I want for nothing... including the love and appreciation of my family.  To think that some women out there need a nationally recognized holiday to be remembered and appreciated has always made me a little sad.  (I feel the same way about Valentine's Day.)  And then, there's the fact that some of the most fabulous women I know... are not mothers... so they seem to get pushed aside.  (By now you should know that I can find the negative in ANYTHING!)  I have known a few women who have turned away from their responsibilities even though they were biologically able to conceive and bear children.  Should we honor them as mothers? My cousin posted a note on a social networking site that said: "To all those with 'A Mother's Heart,' Happy Mother's Day. Have a wonderful day!"  I thought that was the most beautiful sentiment I had heard and/or received all day.  A Mother's Heart...  What a blessing... and you don't have to be a mother to have that kind of attitude and selfless, sacrificial love for your family and friends.  It has been five years since my mother died... and yet I am still nourished (daily) by people around me who love me with a Mother's Heart.

I had a wonderful day... remembering and appreciating all around me who bear these virtues.  How blessed I am.