Gift Card

Tonight at RCIA, we filled out gift cards with the Neophytes that will be leaving us in a couple of weeks.  I always enjoy participating in this exercise and looked forward to it all day long.  It is easy to see God’s gifts in someone else… not so easy to see them in ourselves.  The Gift Card gives us a glimpse at what others see in us.

Blank cards with our names on them are passed around to each person in the group.  When you receive the card you write down the gifts that you see in that person.  The Holy Spirit will prompt us as we write and it is so much fun to participate.  Each entry is as unique as the person.  Each gift is unique to each individual.


At the end of the night everyone is presented with their own card.  It is quite humbling to read through to see what people have written about you.  I have kept all of the cards I have ever received and I look over them from time to time to remind me what God has gifted me with for the service of others.