I’ve always loved dogs.  When I was growing up, we always had one in the house with us and early on in our marriage we tried to keep one around, but with small children and living on the dairy it proved to be difficult… Leroy was opposed to house dogs… and so it was for several years.  When my mother passed away 5 years ago… she left behind a small Boston Terrier named Minnie.  She was adorable… always happy and full of life.  At the time, I knew Leroy would not object to bringing her home to live with us, but I did not have the heart to take her away from Mom’s neighbors that loved her so much.  So, Minnie stayed with the man who lived behind Mom… a man that was her friend and part of her home.  This whole process made me wish for a house dog again… and Leroy’s sympathetic spirit agreed.  

Leroy bought  me a dog at a charity auction by surprise.  It was a small, Chihuahua mix… really cute… and I was really in shock.  I saw him bidding on it and was overwhelmed when he won the bid.  He handed me the dog as a gift.  I couldn’t believe it.  He had finally given in…. but this wasn’t the dog I wanted.  I had always wanted a Miniature Dachshund like the ones that his Uncle Amos and Aunt Paula bred.  I knew they had a recent litter, so I asked him for one of those dogs instead.  He agreed and we donated the little Chihuahua dog back to the auction to be resold.  I went home and called Aunt Paula and went to their house the next day.

Sierra and Steel went with me and to pick out a puppy.  There were 3 or 4 that were available and they were all adorable.  We couldn’t decide.  I sat on the floor in the middle of the puppy pen and just waited.  I held them all, looked them over and played with them.  There was one… that kept coming back for more.  She didn’t follow the other puppies… she was interested in me.  She noticed that one of her eyes was different.  She had a white ring around one eye that didn’t match the other.  At first I saw this as a fault and dismissed her, but she kept coming back.  I couldn’t resist… and so I know to this day… I didn’t pick a puppy, Daisy picked me.  We put her in the car and she cried ALL THE WAY HOME.  The kids were second guessing the decision before we made it to the freeway.

From that first meeting to to day… she is a HUGE part of this family.  We can’t imagine what life was like before she was here.  She is my girl.  She loves us unconditionally and shares her sweet disposition with everyone she meets.  She has so many fans.  She’s makes everyone feel like they are the most important person in the world.  Friends and family beg us to baby sit her.  She spends a lot of time with my Uncle Glade when we travel and she has them wrapped around her paw as well.  She’s cuddly lap dog that actually loves to give hugs.  She is a love.  

Aunt Paula was here the other day and Leroy proudly told her that Daisy was “his” dog.  I laughed at that… the guy who didn’t want a house dog is now claiming her as his own.   But that is her gift… her gift of unconditional love.