Today was a bad day.  We found out early this morning that a long time friend had passed away the evening before.  Sad.  When something like that happens a flood of memories comes crashing in on you and I was a bit overwhelmed with remembering good times and counting the blessings for the gifts I have today.

We went to visit the family and that is always difficult.  As if the memories are not painful enough, when you share in the grief of the family you can’t help but be a bit melancholy.

On our way home I received an e-mail from my friend Vickie.  She had attended her daughter Brooke’s open house at school and she took a picture of a poster Brooke had made for the occasion.  On the poster it said… “My Hero”  “One Person who inspires me is:….” and there it was… written in multi-colored ink, in all capital letters… bold and spelled correctly… my name.  I was in shock.  Of all the wonderful people that surround this child in her life… she picked me.  I knew it was ME because she had carefully placed a picture of my favorite Disney character right next to my name...  Donald Duck.  (Not everyone knows that… but Brooke does!)  There’s even a trophy next to it with a #1 written inside.  Words cannot express how honored I am.  I feel as though I have won the Nobel Peace Prize… and the timing was perfect.  What a grand blessing to celebrate today.