6 Year Anniversary

Today is the 6th Anniversary of my Gastric Bypass surgery.  I have beaten the odds, and defied the statistics.  I lost all of my excess weight (100 lbs.) in less than 6 months and I kept the majority of it off (80 lbs.) for more than 5 years.  Way better than the national average. For those of you who were around at that time… you know how important it is to celebrate this milestone.  Not only am I lighter and healthier… I survived a very serious pneumonia that kept me hospitalized for 12 days post surgery.  


I did not realize at the time how sick I was.  I always knew I would survive and beat the illness…. but those around me were not so sure.  I’ll never forget the look on the nurses faces when I returned for a follow up appointment.  They cried and hugged me and told me how happy they were to see me well.  That’s when it dawned on me… just how ill I had been.


Without the help and support of so many wonderful health care professionals including a whole team of doctors, amazing nurses and the love of my family, I would not have survived.  I am especially grateful for Anne who helped so much in my recovery.  She literally taught me how to breathe again… and helped me with a shower that healed my soul.