Since I'm turning lemons into lemon aid (see post from 5/17/09) I'm going to turn something that is usually a negative into a positive. We attended a rosary today for a dear friend who passed away suddenly last week.  It is an emotional time for us as we are flooded with all of the wonderful memories with Joe.  He has a charismatic personality with a welcoming smile and we will miss him dearly.  After the rosary, we went to dinner with Leroy's sister Anne... just the three of us.

While we were there the discussion turned to the current economic state... (seems like it always does) and of course the state of the dairy industry and our business in particular.  Leroy explained to Anne how the milk price was directly effecting the business right now, what steps have been done to help and what the future holds.  Not good news... Not a pretty picture. It was not a conversation that you'd think... "Gee that looks like fun, I think I'll join in."  It was pretty depressing.

But as we walked away, I felt a sense of calm.  Strange, I know, but it was real.  I don't know if it was just me or if that was how Leroy was feeling as well, but it was there.  It was almost as if the act of venting his frustrations helped to put them into perspective.  Now, I know the conditions were right... it was his sister and we have a solid, trusting relationship with her... and we had just attended the rosary of a friend who died suddenly and much too young.  Both of those things keep the priorities straight.  Sometimes it just helps to talk it out and get things off your chest.