We attended a funeral this morning and some of the images from the services will be in my mind forever.   Doves have long been recognized as symbols for spirit... both holy and Holy.  They always represent good and are mentioned several times in the Old and New Testaments.  Many people don't know that not all doves are pure white.  We have wild doves that live around our house (there's even a hunting season) that are a light, blueish grey.  

Today, at the cemetery, the family  released a single dove that represented the spirit of their loved one who had passed away.  Immediately after the release... 21 other doves were released as a symbol of the heavenly angels who surround us, unseen.  As the dove flew, the group of 21 followed, joined and surrounded the single bird immediately.  A deliberate and meaningful image of the saints and angles that surround our loved ones when they pass away and journey home with them. Very profound.  The birds flew, together, in a circular motion above the mourners gathered.  With each rotation they ascended higher and higher until they were out of our view.  Truly spectacular and truly a blessing to witness.