Today would have been my mother’s 75th birthday.  Since her death, I have ordered flowers to be placed on her grave for the Memorial Day holiday which was so significant to her.  As a child, I can remember Mom’s emotional connection to this holiday.  She would make sure there were flowers placed on the graves of her parents each year and in her honor, I have continued the tradition.  It is by chance that her birthday falls on the Memorial Day weekend this year so the flowers are there for both occasions.

The cemeteries in our area are decorated so beautifully with American flags during the weekend.  I packed my camera and headed to Turlock Memorial Park this afternoon to take a few shots.  While I was there, I visited with my friends who had just laid their father to rest on Tuesday.  I enjoyed the visit and feel blessed to have shared the experience with them.

While I was there… I felt an overwhelming feeling of peace.  I’ve never been one to visit loved one in a cemetery, but I was touched by all that I witnessed today.  There were so many families there today.  Some laying flowers, some just walking around, and some just sitting quietly… all with a quiet reverence.