How cool is my life?  Here I am counting my blessings and they just keep coming and coming...!  I get to be involved in some of the most memorable events and today was no exception.

Today, I was able to shoot the CIF Sac-Joaquin Section Baseball Championship game... from the dugout of the winning team.  It doesn't get any better than this!

Pretty amazing!  I'm still excited as I write this.  I don't believe in luck.  I think what we call luck is that moment when preparation meets opportunity.  If we are prepared and the opportunity arises... it can be a trans formative experience.  I wasn't planning on taking my camera at all.   Leroy's the one that suggested that I throw it in the car.  Then... when we got there... I still wasn't sure if it was worth the effort.  I asked Coach Glines for permission to "shoot a couple of innings" but once I got down in the dugout I was caught up in the emotion of the game and I couldn't leave.  It was way too emotional and exciting.  What a game too!  Central Catholic's sophomore Billy Flamion pitched a no-hitter against Hilmar to end the season and to bring home the banner.

500+ photos and a priceless memory.