External Hard Drive

So much fun shooting a big baseball game yesterday, only to come home and not be able to load the pictures because my memory was full!  Ugh!  So frustrating.  I still don't understand why.  I just deleted (6 weeks ago) about 10,000 pictures from the wrestling season.  The only thing I can think of is that I've shot quite a bit more personal stuff since then, and the RAW format does take up more space... so now what do I do? I took my computer into the Apple store today for a "Genius" appointment.  (One of MANY benefits of owning a Mac... I can set up an appointment for  face to face, hands on help at the Apple store.  I went online around 9:00 and had an appointment at 1:40 the same day.)  Apple's Genius went through my computer and found that my photos were taking up a large amount of space and suggested that I begin to store them on an external hard drive.  I had one at home so I came home and transfered everything over.  It was smooth and opened up 14 G of space on my computer.  I had one at home that I had been using for backup.  I deleted what was on there and moved my photo library over.  (I did inadvertently delete all of my pictures on Facebook but that can be fixed.)