One Roof


I am not one of those sappy moms who cannot function without her children.  I’ve always understood that the primary goal is to get them to a state of prepared independence where they can function as positive, contributing members of society.  I know it sounds harsh… but it’s what I’m supposed to do.  While my children really are quite mature and responsible, they are not finished yet.  I still have some work to do, but the job changes constantly as they continue to mature and grow.


Sierra came home from college (for the summer break) yesterday and for most parents it is the most exciting day of the year.  They can’t wait for the kids to come home.  While I always look forward to her arrival, I know that it comes with a period of readjustment as we acclimate to each other’s lifestyles and schedules.  This is not comfortable for any of us… but necessary.


The best part… (this is the blessing) is that there is NOTHING like the feeling of waking up in the morning and KNOWING that both of your children are asleep in their own beds, under one roof.  I really didn’t appreciate this feeling until Sierra left for school in August of 2007.  While I’m not really a worry-wart… some part of me is always a little concerned that she’s where she should be and that she is safe.  This goes for Steel too.  He often spends the night at various friends’ homes… and we’re home alone quite often.


When I got up this morning… I got the feeling again… and was re-assured that all is well.  It really keeps things in perspective.  The whole world could be falling apart around you, but if you have the gift of health and family you have it all.