Baccalaureate is defined as a religious service held at an educational institution before commencement.

Today I attended Central Catholic’s Baccalaureate Mass at St. Stanislaus Church.  I really only went to take pictures… There was one particular shot that I needed to complete a photo project that I was preparing as graduation gifts.  Besides that, the lighting and accessibility of the students is much better at this event rather than immediately following the actual graduation ceremony.  But, after hearing who the speakers were going to be, I decided to stay… and like always… I as blessed for having done so.

We have invested much time, financial resources and energy into our children’s Catholic education.  It hasn’t been cheap or easy… but it is times like this when you feel the immediate return on your investment.  How blessed we are to be able to gather as a community and thank God for our children and for their education.  It has been such a constant in their lives that on the rare occasion that we attend public school events and God is not recognized, it feels as though something is missing… as well it should.  We are always blessed when we participate in worship and today was no exception.