I did pretty well in school… but when I look back on it now, I think I really was just average.  I did enough to get by and not get in trouble with my parents.  A’s and B’s… with the occasional C in math.  “Passing” I would tell my dad… “mediocre” would be his glum reply.  Things came pretty easy to me.  I always did my assignments, but I never really studied or went above and beyond what was asked of me.

I am always impressed with the top students… kids that now have to achieve above a 4.0 GPA to compete for top honors.  Kids who are close to perfection in their assignments and testing.  Kids who work hard and strive to be the best.

Today… Leroy and I attended the graduation for St. Stanislaus School.  This is the elementary school that our children attended.  I was happy to see that I still knew most of the kids in the class of 2009.  I recognized their names, but probably wouldn’t know them on the street as they have all grown so much.

A long time and dear friend (Becca) was one of the valedictorians and gave an speech at the ceremony.  It was humbling to listen to her words and to think back of how much she has grown since we first met.  As she talked about her class’ accomplishments, I reflected on her life and how even though she has excelled academically, it is only a small part of who she is.  This honor cannot even begin to define the lovely young lady she has become.  If she can achieve this kind of success academically, while balancing the demands of athletics, family and social responsibilities… there is nothing she can’t accomplish.  To be able to witness this… has been and will continue to be a blessing to me.