MTV Movie Awards


I am not a fan of MTV.  Let me just say that right from the beginning.  I have the channel blocked on my televisions and would not allow the kids to watch it when they were younger.  (I think they’ve figured out my block now.)  However… Sierra informed me that MTV would be premiering the new trailer for the upcoming Twilight movie (New Moon) on their movie awards show so I set the TiVo to record it.  I figured that way I could fast forward through the crap and just watch the trailer.  (Over and over again if necessary… and of course it would be necessary.)


We had been at a couple of graduation parties earlier in the day and had company over when the show was aired… but Sierra received a text message that her good friend (and mine) Tyler was spotted in the front row of the auditorium on the broadcast.  So now… armed with that information ahead of time… I had to watch the whole thing.  Just to be clear… I not counting the show as my blessing… (as I imagined… there was a lot of crap) but seeing Tyler in several shots was so much fun.  Sierra and I screamed in delight on the first sighting only to be thrilled again when they cut to the audience later to see Tyler right in the middle of the action.  So much fun.  I felt as though he was suddenly as famous as those stars sitting around him.  I told Sierra I’m going to make a sign that says… “Tyler slept here.”