First Day of Summer


I used to hate summer.  When I was younger, I hated the boredom that summer brought and I did not tolerate well the heat that we experience in the Central California valley.  Even when my kids were little… I dreaded the thought of listening to the kids complain about the same things I did when I was their age… boredom and heat.  I love schedules and consistency and no matter how hard I tried… all of my routines always seemed to fly right out the window once the kids were out of school.


Now… I’ve changed my tune.  If you’re ever around me you know that 99% of the time I am cold.  I’m especially cold when I’ve been in a room with an air conditioner.  This has been a physiological change in me (over the last 6 years) and seems to be getting worse.  So that solves the heat problem.


As for the boredom issue… I LOVE the moments when I feel a little “bored.”  Are you kidding?  I live for those moments.  Usually, our schedules are so full… we never get to experience any down time.  No chance to let our brains rest and recuperate from the days activities.  The only time for that is when we are asleep.  (Thank goodness that process is still working as it should.) 


I have really looked forward to this school year coming to and end.  It is a fresh start for everyone to recover from some of the stresses and to just have some down time.  We all need it.  A  new beginning… or at least some slow preparation for the new beginning coming in August.  (Be sure that I’ll count the first day of school as a blessing too.)