People often ask me why I don’t do photography on a professional level… and while I’d love to get paid for what I do, I’m afraid that I won’t enjoy it anymore if it becomes my job. Photography is an art… and like beauty, it is in the eye of the beholder. I would be way too worried about pleasing a client that I don’t think I’d enjoy it anymore. For me, it is satisfaction enough to see my photos used and appreciated by others. I love to see my pictures on Facebook or MySpace and anywhere else they might just “appear.” It has been particularly thrilling to see so many of my pictures lately at all of the graduation parties that we’ve attended. It is very touching to know that I was there to share a part of their lives no matter how small. When I went into the office this evening, Steel had pulled up the Central Catholic website for me to see. They had used two of my photos on their sports page. (Especially fun to see that one of them was a picture of my own kid!) I was so honored. I wanted to share it and keep a memory of it and I remembered an article that I had just read in a scrapbook magazine about using “screenshots” to preserve memories about websites that are of particular importance. Brilliant! Here’s my chance. So I figured out how to do it, save it as a photo and here is the result. Way cool. Now I have it preserved forever.