I have a fantastic niece (well… I have lots of them but I’m only going to talk about one today) who has been working very hard on her father’s behalf to ensure that he is taken care of as he ages.  She has a large family of her own but has worked so hard to help out her dad with issues that he tends to neglect until they become disasters.  While I just get frustrated and negative, she is hopeful and diligent and so sacrificial with her love, time and patience.


She was able to get an expedited hearing with Social Security to hear her dad’s case regarding his disability.  This case has been in the works for over 3 years without and end in sight until she took the reins.  Not only did she get the hearing moved up 6 weeks, she went in and helped him with his case and got the full benefits granted without the traditional waiting period.  Today was the hearing and the result was what we have all been praying for.  We are all so grateful for her work on his behalf.