Meeting Mr. Labrouche

My nephew Brandon is quite a character.  His dad calls him “Little Man” and that really is the best way to describe him.  I have some wonderful memories of conversations that I’ve had with him over the years… moments that are in my heart forever.  I’d like to think that we have a pretty special relationship.  We talk about anything and everything.

A couple of years ago he started to talk about his teacher Mr. Labrouche.  Whenever we’d get on a topic, Brandon would say… “Well, Mr. Labrouche says…. “ or “Mr. Labrouche told us…”  Occasionally, I’d get… “That is exactly what Mr. Labrouche said.”  (Which of course thrilled me because it meant I had credibility.)  After a while… I would say to Brandon… “Gee, I wonder what Mr. Labrouche would say if he were here.”  I felt like he had become a part of the family.  I knew I had to meet his guy… and tonight, I got my chance.

At the conclusion of Hilmar High School’s graduation we went down on the field and the family ran into Mr. Labrouche.  Anne (Brandon’s mom) told him… “Oh you have to meet Brandon’s Tia Kelli… she’s been dying to meet you.”  So they tracked me down and the introduction was made.  It was truly an honor.

I am so moved by teachers that make a difference and this man truly has.  He has instilled a passion for learning that is so contagious that it has extended beyond the students who sit in his classroom.  What a tremendous gift he is to his profession.  He truly is working at his calling.