Going to the bullfights this time of year has become a family tradition.  I'm not a regular, but Leroy and Sierra reminded me that I "ALWAYS" go to the one held in conjunction with Turlock's Festa so I couldn't miss out this year.  I surely didn't want to disappoint anyone... I took my camera to play with some of the new settings and really got some great shots.  That was fun, but the best part really is just watching the people.  It's fun to see old friends again... to see families that you haven't seen for a while only to be surprised at how grown up their children have become.  Just like church... people usually sit in the same general vicinity so if you're looking for someone particular, you can usually find them.

Steel brought 5 friends with him and 4 of them were bullfight rookies.  That's always fun...  although I think they liked the "socializing" down by the entrance as much as sitting ringside for the action.  They didn't sit with us for long.