Mothers Cookies

I was so SHOCKED at the grocery store today to find that (one of) my favorite cookies was back on the shelf.  Last fall, the San Francisco based "Mothers Cookies" went out of business after several years as a family run operation.  So sad... there really was no replacement for their double fudge sandwich cookie.  (Not to mention the frosted oatmeal... or the FAMOUS frosted animal cookies in the bag.) Each time I would walk through the cookie section of the store I would miss them terribly and reminisce on days gone by...  (They really are that good.) While shopping with Sierra today, I saw the familiar packaging and I (literally) squealed in delight.  (Much to her surprise...and dismay) I couldn't believe my eyes.  At first I thought it might just be a mirage... but when I reached out I could feel it... and it wasn't too good to be true.

So if you've been missing them too... Go stock up.  The website says they are back and here to stay... Personally, I'm going to do my part to ensure their future success.