Snake Wranglers

We have a pest problem in our basement.  (Actually, all around the house too, but I'm not so worried about that.)  Snakes.  In the yard, in the garage and now in the basement.  So gross.  Steel spotted it about a week ago but when we went looking for it the sucker had disappeared until yesterday.  I was walking down to put some things in the freezer and saw it laying by the door.  Ick...!  Leroy and Steel had gone to football practice (not that Steel would have been any help) so I had to go out to the office and ask my father-in-law to come and kill the snake.  Thank goodness he was willing to come do the dirty deed immediately.

He used a shovel and tried to cut off the snakes head, but it wouldn't die.  It soon wiggled away from him and went behind some cabinets.  Sierra and I stood on the stairs watching from a safe distance and laughing hysterically at my father-in-law's commentary as he went after the creature.  "She won't die!"  (I've never thought of a snake as gender specific, but apparently, he knows the difference between males and females.) "She keeps makin' noise."  (hissing)  "She won't die dammit!"  as the shovel goes clank, clank, clank.  He finally got her out of from behind the cabinet and proceeded to cut her into several pieces all the while saying (with extreme confidence and pride...) "Now you're gonna die you sucker." (clank, clank... clank.)

I was just relieved it was finally gone and the basement was safe again... Until today.  Leroy went down stairs to get something out of the freezer and all of a sudden I heard the familiar CLANK!  (Just once, but very loud.)  A shiver went through me.. not another one.  I carefully opened the door and peeked down the stairs and sure enough, Leroy stood, with shovel in hand over another dead snake.  He was able to kill the snake with one blow to the head.  (Perhaps he can teach his dad his technique.)  On the way out I asked him to cut it's head off when he got it outside.  I wanted to make sure it was dead and not just unconscious.

Thank goodness for the snake wranglers in my life.  What would I do without these brave souls who are willing to risk life and limb to save mine?  (Not really, these are harmless garden snakes that are not poisonous... but disgusting none the less.)  They (the wranglers) truly are a blessing to me.