Most of you know already that I'm in the process of growing my hair out.  This has been (and will continue to be) an emotional journey for me.  I've always said... "Gee, it's just HAIR." But, I've come to realize that it still more important to me than I was willing to admit. It has been 84 days since my last hair cut.  (Pretty good considering I would only go about 14 days between cuts before.)  Tammy (friend, confidant and new hairstylist) tells me that it's not going to do any good to cut it if I want to grow it out... but she finally gave into my begging and trimmed up the back a bit today and I feel like a new woman.  A new woman with an actual STYLE to her hair again... not just some fuzz on the top of her head.  What a relief.  It looks like I have so much more hair now... and much cleaner.

I told her that she didn't cut many hairs... but she cut the right ones.