So, I'm enrolled in this photography class through the local junior college (community classes) and I learned on Tuesday night that I would need a model for the photo shoot for today's class.  I thought instantly of who I wanted, but I wasn't quite sure if I'd be able to convince him and/or her to go.  I wanted to take my kids... or at least one of them.  That way I would (hopefully) have some great shots to keep but also I wouldn't have to worry about not feeling comfortable with someone.  Besides... my kids are quite good looking (just a fact... I'm not really bragging) and they would make me look really good.  It's much easier to get a great shot of someone who is good-looking... just a fact of life.  Things are easier when you're good looking and photography and Photoshop editing are no exception to this rule. So when I mentioned my need... I heard the groans that I had anticipated... but I know (deep, down inside...) they were more than willing to volunteer.  They're used to me by now and are not afraid to be the subject of my art.  (Secretly, I think they like it... at least I know they will several years from now.)  So I took Sierra with me and Steel met us after practice.  I knew I wouldn't have to worry about awkwardness... but I had forgotten about the sibling arguing and sometimes uncooperativeness that we would experience.  Silly me.  How quickly we forget.

We had a good time (whether they'll admit that or not) and I have some beautiful pictures to remember the session.  I don't know what the teacher will think about my technique, composition or exposure levels... but I do know I love the subject and that always makes the picture perfect.