Today's post is going to sound like an editorial and may be offensive to some, but it's my blog so I get to write what I think... Like it or not. Our society has attempted to make the role of a father almost obsolete.  Many women consider men only the "sperm donor" and not an important and significant role model for the children they bear, so they don't take much time in choosing the individual to fit that need.  Sad.  Or... the opposite happens.  They get a good man and he becomes a father and the women around him emasculate him and then complain when he doesn't stand up and act like a man.  After all, they think his primary role ceased at conception.  Really, really sad.  I think this is at the heart of all of our soceital problems.

God created man and woman for specific purposes and to work together to achieve their potential.  We are different and created for different purposes... but to always be in partnership.... ESPECIALLY when it comes to raising children.  I might be a fantastic mother, but because of my gender I am limited in the things I can teach my children.  I cannot teach my son how to be man.  I cannot teach my daughter how to relate to a man... I can try, but I will fail.  That is not what God designed me to do.  For that I rely on their father.  This design was no accident.  God planned it this way.  It takes two to make them... and it takes two to raise them.  At least to raise them well.  Now don't get me wrong... I know there are exceptions and sometimes life throws us a curve ball (i.e. death of a parent) but I'm talking about the women who make the choice.  The women that feel men are basically obsolete.

I've had some wonderful fathers in my life.  Honorable, upstanding men that have been a beacon of light for me and my family my whole life.  It started with my own father, went to my brothers, to my father-in-law and then to my husband.  Men who have not shirked away from their responsibilities but have done the right thing... especially when it wasn't the easy thing to do.  Today I honor them, to offer a prayer of thanksgiving for them and to ask God to continue to bless them.