I know most people don't think this way, but I am very thankful for the wonderful individuals who have come into my children's life as a boyfriend or girlfriend.  Now I don't mean "friends"... I mean my children's romantic interests.  My children are very good judges of character and have brought home some really exceptional individuals whom we have welcomed into our family and grown to love.  They have come and gone (some a couple of times) but as I write this, I've never been disappointed in their choice.   It can't be easy trying to fit in around here.  I'm sure that many a time they have left a family event just wondering what they had gotten themselves into, but they all have been respectful and kind and we can't ask for much more than that.  When Sierra started dating (5 years ago) I told myself I wasn't going to get attached... but I couldn't help myself.  We've all been in the relationship together.  People will argue on both sides of that coin, but for us it's the only way.  I always tell them, when you date one of my children, you date the whole family.  Package deal.

We've had some highs and we've had some horrible lows.  My heart has ached much more for my children's break-ups than it ever did for my own.  But I have to say that they've all been worth the effort.  Like the song says, "I could have missed the rain, but then I'd have to miss the dance."  Each one of these wonderful young men and women (well, only one young woman) have left an everlasting impression on our hearts.  I thank them for their time, for their love and putting up with parents that seem way too involved in their children's lives. :)