Photos by Julie

I have a friend on Facebook that I have never met.  I don’t know much about her other than what I’ve learned from her profile but she has become a HUGE inspiration to me through her photography and journaling.



Julie is married to a high school classmate of mine (John) and they live in Texas. (I think.) A while back, John found me on Facebook and when I looked at his page I noticed the extraordinary photographs he had of his family.  I inquired about them and he said that his wife got a camera for Christmas and that she was the artist behind this pictures.  I looked at her photos (as many as I had access to) and just felt like I had to see more.  I told John of my obsession and asked if he thought Julie would be my friend to open up the access to her work.  He thought she would agree so I requested and we became “friends.”


Julie is working on a 365 project where she chooses 1 photo for the day and journals about the picture.  (Similar to this blog but with the added work of a photograph.) And to call what Julie posts as merely photographs seems way to simple.  Julie posts art… each and every day… art.  I don’t know how she does it.  AMAZING work with the camera, editing and then the words she writes to accompany.  She also has a group of “photo buddies” who post some remarkable photos as well.


My friendship with Julie truly has sparked a new interest for me in photography as art.  I am shooting very differently these days and spending much more time editing… Things I never took the time to do before.  I sure wish she wasn’t so far away.