I have a very small, simple garden planted this year.  I plant things I love to eat… tomatoes (lots and lots of tomatoes), basil, parsley and cilantro.  I put them in containers this year and with the change in the weather lately (it’s finally beginning to warm up to our normal summer temperatures) my little garden has grown.  (Using good soil with Miracle Grow and a moisture retaining ingredient has helped since I’m not real regular on the watering.)  The tomatoes are not producing yet… (I planted late) but the herbs are looking great.  The basil in fact is growing so much I had to cut it back. I’ve been quite addicted to pasta with tomato and basil lately, but I can’t use as much as I have.  My mother in law doesn’t care for basil so I just cut it and threw it away. What a waste… but boy did my hands smell good.