It's really hot here right now.  Leroy wanted to go to a cow sale in Sacramento and I didn't want him driving home by himself so I reluctanty agreed to go.  I knew it would be really hot and sitting under a tent full of people and cattle was not my idea of a good time, but I didn't want him to drive home alone.  It's hard to keep him awake on a good day... but not when it's so hot and it's late in the evening.  When I heard that my sister-in-law had reserved a hotel room for the night... I got very excited at the thought of waiting for him in the room while they enjoyed the sale.  On the way to Sacramento today we watched the temperature reading and it got as high as 113 on the freeway.  Officially, we'll probably hit a high of 108... but it HAS to feel hotter in that tent.  Sierra and I have enjoyed the afternoon watching TV and surfing the internet in the comfort of the beautiful Hyatt hotel in Sacramento.  They're not back yet... so we'll wait patiently... and cool.