REALLY Short Hair Style for Reference

Since I posted the picture below (100 days) I've received lots of helpful feedback and I LOVE IT! I really mean it! I know this seems so ridiculous, and silly, but I think it's fun and you're really helping me through this process. So... with that in mind, I wanted to put up this picture for reference. This photo was taken just a few days after my last haircut. Essentially, it is Day 0. (For those of you who didn't remember.) The style that it is now (day 100) will not last. For me it is only a transition. If I decide to keep it pretty short, I know it will be shorter than this because there is too my "styling" involved in this length. (I hope that makes sense.) I agree that as I get older a little "softness" is more complimentary but the greatest benefit of short hair is the ease. So if I keep it short, it will look closer to day 50 (at least.)

Now... as for long lengths... I'd love to have really long, beautiful, flowing hair... Something I could put up in a pony tail and/or an up-do for special occasions. In my mind... that is perfect hair. But I don't have perfect hair... (mine is very fine and pretty oily) and so I'm not sure that would even be the best thing for me even if I could survive the growing out process. I do like some of the slight wedge styles... but there again, styling.

I wish I had an after picture and you could just vote on before or after but I really don't know what I'd be satisfied with in the longer length. I guess that's the real problem, I'm not quite sure what the goal is. I loved it short so I know I'd be happy with that... I just don't know what I'd be willing to keep with it longer. So we'll keep taking pictures and I'll keep asking for feedback. Make sure to drop to yesterdays post and vote if you haven't already!