I have a dear friend named Karen who is a constant blessing to me.  We’ve been aquatinted for years but only become quite close since our kids went away to the same college after graduation from high school.  We have discovered that we share a lot of interests in common and I look forward to expanding our horizons together.

It would be impossible for me to properly describe Karen in this blog.  She has too many  positive personality traits to name here, but I can tell you what I love about her.  She is completely honest… and I don’t mean just in conversation.  Karen is purely authentic in everything she says and does.  She lives her life so true to her personality and nature that you always know where you are in relationship with her.  For some, this can be intimidating, but for me… it is refreshing and simple.  Because her sincerity is so such a part of who she is, it shines through in all of her interactions with those around her.

Karen is the kind of friend that you KNOW you can depend on when push comes to shove.  In a crisis, I KNOW that she would be there to do whatever was asked of her without a moments hesitation.  Unfortunately, in our world today, those kinds of friends are few and far between.  Our friendship will last longer than our connections through school, church or hobbies.  Friends like this are one of life’s greatest blessings.