Independence Day

There are two things that are guaranteed to invoke an emotional response in me… sappy dog movies and patriotism.  I will lose control of all emotion when it comes to these two subjects.  The 4th of July has always held a special place in my heart.  As a child I remember traveling back to Idaho for the 4th and being so excited to be able to celebrate the holiday there.  In those small towns, the 4th of July is huge.  Patriotism runs deep in those communities and it was always such a thrill to experience the pride for our country with people who shared your devotion.

For several years we held big celebrations of our own… but decided that they had become too much.  For the last few years, we’ve spent them with Leroy’s family with a BBQ and some fireworks.  Today was especially relaxing as we just hung out by the pool, watched a movie and even took a walk to visit with more family around a fire by the river.  A day like this was truly a celebration of independence… including independence from silly things like to-do lists, schedules and even routine. Things that seem to take too much precedence lately.  The sacrifice is not made so that I can live my life in a mindless manner, unaware.  This sacrifice comes at a high cost on a daily basis all around the world and must be honored with a life well lived.  Men and women have died for my right to spend my holiday as I see fit and for them I am forever grateful.  I don’t think it matters much how you celebrate, as long as you take the time to step away from the chaos and remember what privileges you enjoy… and enjoy them.