Sunday Mornings

This has really been a chaotic summer.  Last year I complained that my kids drove me crazy, but this year it seems as though they are never home and yet I can’t keep up on anything.  I’m behind in housework, paperwork and all of the projects that I had hoped to get accomplished.  It’s been a bit overwhelming.  What happened to the “lazy, hazy days of summer?” This morning, I did nothing.  Absolutely nothing… and it’s not like I was recuperating from something, yesterday was very relaxing… but I slept in late, went downstairs to do a few things and then went back upstairs and back into bed.  It was FABULOUS!  I have to admit… I’ve done this before, but it is especially satisfying on a Sunday morning.  I was even joined by Leroy for a while and we were able to start and FINISH a conversation which hasn’t happened in quite a few weeks.

God knew what he was doing when he talked about that day of rest thing.  Everything moves slower on a Sunday, as well it should.  We just need to remember to slow down and enjoy it.