My kids had braces a long time ago.  I think they were both done with treatment by the time they started high school… and I have to admit, they are both pretty good about wearing their retainers.  (Steel has even worn his out… and needs a new set.)  Sierra has been consistent with the retainers, but she has one tooth (front, bottom) that moves straight up throughout the course of the day and it really looks bad.  It’s been driving me crazy. Today we went back to the orthodontist to see what he had to say.  He explained that this is an issue she’s going to have for the rest of her life.  It’s always going to pop up and down and she’s going to have to wear her retainers faithfully.  He suggested putting braces back on the lower set for about 6 months, but Sierra didn’t like that idea… (and I didn’t like the cost.)  So we settled on a new type of retainer that will hold that tooth in better.  She’s going to have to wear them all the time for a while to get the tooth back to the right spot… but then she’ll be back to night wear only.