One of the sure signs of summer around the dairy is the field corn planted all around us.    We planted pretty early so ours is pretty high (yes, to the elephant’s eye by the 4th of July) but some of the fields around us are only about 2 feet tall.  Various stages.  We hate the corn.  Well… we don’t hate corn.  It’s a great crop with a high yield, but the maintenance is a pain (Leroy hates to irrigate it) and when it gets so high, it really blocks our view.  (Especially for my mother-in-law since a field surrounds her house.)  It is a joyous day when the chopper comes to cut it all down and it a sign of the up coming change of season. One of the corn milestones we watch for is when the corn begins to tassel.  That’s a sign that it’s reached about as high as it’s going to get and it is nearing the maturity stage.  To be real honest, I don’t pay too close attention, but I did notice the tassels today. Leroy said they started to come through last week but I guess more had to show through for me to pay attention.  He says we’ve got about another month and the corn will be ready to chop around the 10th of August.