Open Stall


We had another big, family wedding today.  The groom is Leroy’s cousin and he has dated his bride for the last 9 years so we’ve been looking forward to this one.  (This is the wedding that we went dress shopping for a few weeks ago.)  It’s always fun to spend special occasions with family, but when you’re with the Borbas… you know it’s going to be a party.

I felt really good the whole day until dinner.  I had eaten a bit of appetizers and had very little alcohol (didn’t even finish one cocktail) by the time dinner was served.  Then…just before the speeches, it hit me… severe nausea.  This happened to me when we went to a wedding in June.  I suddenly became ill… so bad in fact that we had to leave early and I vomited for 12 hours straight.  I don’t think I’ve ever been that sick.  So when this came up today, I was fearing the worst.  I excused myself to go to the restroom.  I walked around and got some fresh air and felt better so I returned to my seat only to jump up again to head straight for the bathroom.  Our table was up front, close to the head table so everyone watched as I got up again.  I told Sierra to come with me just in case I needed help because I knew it was going to be ugly.  Sure enough it was.

I practically ran through the doors into the lobby and headed straight for the women’s restroom and burst into the first open stall I could find just in time to lean over the toilet to puke. (I warned you.) Not much came out (it never does) but I stood there throwing up for about 3 minutes straight.  Sierra stood guard by the door and offered help.  Once I was settled in the bathroom I told her to go back to her seat and I just stayed there for a while.  Thank God there was an open stall.  What a disaster that had been if I had not made it out of the reception in time.  I can just hear the assumptions about how much I had to drink.

I’ve decided I’m allergic to alcohol… which really is fine with me.  I don’t really like it anyway and I could do without the calories.  I would much rather eat a cookie instead.