Our good friends the Lemos’ watched Charlie for us yesterday since we had the big wedding.  On Saturday, we left the house at 1:20 pm to head to the church and did not get home till 1:00 am.  That would have been way too long to leave Charlie in the kennel so I asked the Lemos’ to watch him.  (He had a great time swimming with the kids.)  This morning, we had to pick him up and so I called and asked if the wanted to join us for breakfast.  We met at a restaurant that is close to their home and close to our kids’ schools called Perko’s.  It’s a simple little coffee shop type restaurant but the service is great and the food is good.  We’ve eaten there frequently over the last 15 or so years just out of convenience so I have lots of fond memories of the place.  Sometimes on a Sunday, you might have to wait a bit for a table because of all of the regular customers.  It’s nice to walk in and see familiar faces.  The staff has not changed much since we started going and we are always bound to see someone we know who’s enjoying a meal as well.  It really reminds me of old times when small coffee shops were really centers of community life.