Home Delivery

I’ve always thought home delivery was the coolest thing.  I remember when we first moved out to the country in 1977, we had weekly milk delivery and I loved waiting for the guy to show up and running out the porch after he left to pick up the bottles.  A few years ago, we had regular Schwan’s delivery but I guess we didn’t order enough because they just stopped showing up.  (I still miss the push up sherbet ice cream.)

Things get delivered to the dairy all the time… several times a day, but the only thing we  (personally) have now is dry cleaning pick up and delivery.  I know this is not really a big deal to people who live in the city, but for us it’s a huge convenience.  I still can’t believe that they will come all the way out here, but they do.  Pick up/delivery is on Tuesdays and Fridays.  I called today for pick up (lots of clothes from the wedding) and left a message.  All I have to do is set the clothes out in a bag on Tuesday morning and will be delivered on Friday afternoon.

I still think it’s cool.