I LOVE going to confession!  Well… I don’t like going to confession, but I love the effects of going to confession.  (That’s more appropriate.)  Unless you have personally experienced the euphoria that comes with the act of purging all of the negativity in your life, it is difficult to understand what I’m talking about.  For those of us who believe, the sacrament puts us back into a perfect state of grace… just as clean as if we had just been baptized.  Now don’t get me wrong… this perfection doesn’t last very long… I can sin in record time.  But for a while… I truly am in God’s image… as he intended and it feels great.

I’m not going to debate the Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession) here in this blog with my non-Catholic family and friends… (or some of my Catholic friends and family for that matter.)  This is not the place.  I will tell you that for me, it is the perfect beginning to self-renewal and a fresh start for my spirituality.  Things get a bit chaotic and crazy, and since I’ve long recognized the body/soul connection… when I need to re-charge, I always start with a good confession.  The body works so much better when the soul is in the right place.