My good friend Karen became a grandmother last night for the first time.  She has been so excited for this event over the last few weeks…  It is hard to believe that it has finally happened.  All day long yesterday I would get text messages updating me on the status of the baby’s arrival.  Then, finally, around 10:30 pm… we got the news.  She had arrived.

From text messages yesterday, to beautiful photographs today, Karen really shared the whole experience with me.  Karen was there to take photos when the baby was just a few minutes old.  There are photos of her with her parents, with her grandparents and with her uncles… Absolutely priceless.  It has been so much fun to be a witness to the event that will change a family forever.

Babies do that… they change us forever.  You will never be the same once you have one in your life.  You can’t help but be transformed into a better person by holding a baby in your arms.  It is amazing how instinctual it is for us, yet we forget how significant  the experience can be.  Babies are the ultimate physical reminder of God.