Sports Physicals

For the last several years, Steel has required a sports physical to play football (or anything else) and that has forced us to visit the doctor on a regular basis.  Other than the occasional cold, he doesn’t get sick.  We’ve seen doctors for a couple of injuries (wrestling) but nothing for illness… a blessing in itself.   I’ve always taken these for granted and somewhat considered them to be a pain… until today.

I met Steel at the doctor’s office for his exam. I was only there in case I needed to sign something since he is under 18.  I was reading in the lobby, waiting for him to come out when the doctor asked to speak with me.  She said that she had discovered an irregular heartbeat during her exam and that she wanted him to have an EKG before she signed off on his forms.  This was not what I was expecting.  We read all about athletes (youth - professional) that die suddenly from undetected heart problems and here we were discovering (before tragedy) that something could be wrong.

Thank goodness for the screening… I’ll let you know what’s next.