Big Hearts

Today was Steel’s EKG.  (An irregular heartbeat was discovered during his sports physical on the 21st.)  I took him in and waited again in the lobby.  The doctor came out to speak with me again about the results.  This time there was good news.  Dr. Ken said… “Your son has a behemoth heart.”  I said… “Is that a good thing?”  He assured me it was.  He explained that because of Steel’s physical conditioning his heart (being a muscle) is huge.  He said that if a 50 year old, inactive man had walked in with that heart, he’d call 911… but considering Steel’s athleticism, it’s a good thing.  Steel’s resting heart rate was below 60 and his rhythm was regular.  All signs of an athlete in prime shape.

After getting over the initial relief, I started thinking about the results.  We’ve always known Steel had a big heart.  Not physically of course… but the kind of heart that makes him who he is.  His personality and sensitivity have shown that since he was a child.  I can’t tell you how many coaches have told us the same thing… and that’s not something you can teach.  What he lacks in physical size, he more than makes up for in his passion and drive. That’s what has made him an outstanding athlete and built such incredible character.  He has long been my hero and now we have physical proof of the size of his heart.