Reserved Seating

We’re in Disneyland… we arrived this morning and the blessings abound.  This is one of my favorite places in the whole world and just being here makes the world seem like a better place.  Our trip down went well and we had a terrific day (even though we’re very tired…) but the greatest part of the day came in the evening.

I love the fireworks show at Disneyland and they’ve recently redone the show with new music and lighting.  A friend told me about the changes and encouraged us to get a good seat in front of the castle for the best experience.  Sierra and I went back to the park at 6:30 pm willing to sit in the best spot for the 9:25 show.  As we approached the area in front of the castle, Sierra recognized a classmate of hers from high school.  Lizzie is a student at UC Irvine and doing an internship at Disney.  Her job is to stand in front of the castle and keep people out of the roped off, VIP, reserved seating for the fireworks show.  After visiting with Lizzie for a few minutes, she told Sierra she would try to get us into the VIP section!  We were thrilled, but not willing to take any chances in case the plan fell through, we stayed in our spot and held on to wait to hear.

Lizzie did get us seats… 3 of them…  and since we were the first ones there, we had the pick of the best.  We sat in the first row of the middle section so that it was guaranteed that no one would be in our way.  Then… I prayed the rest of the time that the show wouldn’t be cancelled due to high winds.  (That’s happened to us before.)

Needless to say, it was a spectacular show.  And, as I had been told, the best place to view them was right in front of the castle.  With the new lighting, the castle is an important “character” in the new production.  The other surprise?  Not only does Tinkerbell fly out from the Matterhorn, but just as the song Baby Mine starts… Dumbo flies into the air with his ears flapping.  That’s when I lost it.  I bawled like a baby.  That song always gets me, but sitting there in the best place possible, with two of the three people I love most in the world… I couldn’t imagine anything better.

What a  memory.  We have had so many memorable moments at Disneyland that it’s overwhelming sometimes.  That’s why I love to go back so much.  Experiences with people we have loved and lost are especially priceless.  I know that this experience will be forever in my heart.  If I didn’t spend another moment in the park the whole week, it would have been worth the trip.  Thank you Lizzie for the opportunity of a lifetime and a great family memory that will last forever.