Three Hour Wait

We heard that the Fantasmic show in Disneyland had been changed so I was anxious to see it.  I love the parades and show in the park and I’ll tell you that I would be perfectly content visiting the park and never stepping foot on a ride.  The best way to experience Disneyland is to participate and to witness the magic. Because I love the shows so much, I’m more than willing to go early to get a good seat and to wait… wait and watch.  To find someone else who is willing to do the same… is a great blessing.  I’ve created a Disney monster in Sierra.  She’s as crazy as I am.

We went 3 hours early to New Orleans Square to get a seat for Fantasmic.  No one else in our group was willing, but we were excited for the opportunity.  We found a table outside the restaurant and we waited.  We would take turns guarding our post while the other made a food or restroom run, but most of the time we just sat there, watched the people and talking.  That was the blessing.  The uninterrupted time with my daughter.  Something we don’t always get anymore.

We talked about everything… deep, meaningful things… and trivial things.  We made fun of the people walking past us (especially the kinds of shoes they were wearing) and we remembered loved ones who have died.  We talked about priorities and experiences… what makes for a good husband and how his willingness to sit for 3 hours for the Fantasmic show just might be a deal breaker in a relationship.  (We aren’t kidding.)