Steel was chosen to be on the Senior Ministry team for this upcoming school year.  Quite an honor that comes with much responsibility.  A new addition to their activities is a two day retreat at a center up in the foothills of the Central Valley.  (About an hour away.)  He left today, along with his other team members for what will prove (I’m sure) to be a memorable experience for him.

It has cost us a small fortune to send our kids to Catholic school, but we still feel that it has been worth every penny.  They have been given opportunities and experiences that they never would have enjoyed if they had been in a public school, and this is just one example.  I am thankful for the people behind the scenes that work so hard to put on such an event and I hope that they know how much they are appreciated.

There are some extraordinary young men and women in Central’s senior class this year and I look forward to witnessing their accomplishments.