Online Registration

I guess I’m a college student again.  I wish I could sound more enthusiastic, but it has been a frustrating process trying to decide if and when I would return to school.  It doesn’t make it any easier that classes are so hard to find in our local junior college due to over enrollment.  I sure wish I would have finished school when I was younger and when I didn’t have the responsibilities that I have now.  I think I was smarter then too.  I’ve noticed over the last few years that I can’t quite keep up mentally like I was once able to do.  I have to ask a few more questions and it takes a bit more time to process the information.

I’m back in the game… but on a small scale.  I’m officially enrolled in one online class (Internet Literacy… I know, sounds lame, but it was all that was open) and I’m on the wait list for an online health class.  I’m especially thankful for the online part.  Registration online and classes online.  For me, it will be the best way to ease back into the process. We’ll see how it goes.