Beauty and the Beast

Our trips to Disneyland always stir up a flood of emotions and memories for me.  At one time I knew every word, song and scene in all of the Disney movies but as time as moved on, I’ve forgotten much of the stories.  I have the movies, I just don’t take time to watch them anymore.  Once they played over and over again as entertainment for the kids, but now they sit on the shelf.

I’ve always claimed Beauty and the Beast as my favorite.  This has much to do with Sierra’s love of the story and for her first dance recital which was based on the music from the Disney movie.  It’s a great story that teaches a valuable lesson.  Don’t be fooled by outward appearances or first impressions.  Things and people are not always as they first appear.  It’s also a story of second chances and being open to relationship.  (There may be something there that wasn’t there before.)

We watched it today for the first time in many, many years.  Although Sierra would not let me sing along (out loud) with all of the songs, I remembered most of the words and sang them under my breath.