You’re probably getting tired of hearing about the Twilight books… but it’s where I am so it’s what I have to write about.  They are an escape.  In my stressful life, they offer a place to retreat to.. and to make it even easier for me, I get to read them on my Amazon Kindle.

I try not to talk about material blessing much in this blog for fear that it would turn into a list of stuff like Oprah’s Favorite Things, although I do have several material objects that bring so much pleasure to my life.  My Kindle is one of those things.  It is an electronic book reader.  I can purchase and download books from Amazon instantly using the hand held device.  It holds several books and keeps them accessible until I remove them.  It is small enough to fit in my purse so I can have it with me at all times.  It is always connected to the Amazon network, so I can look up new titles and download samples of anything they have available.  I can even highlight and look up the definition to a word and have the answer instantly in front of me.  (Very useful in building your vocabulary.) I have several books on mine… some I have read, and some I will read in the future.  I have always loved books… even just collecting them and I wasn’t sure that I’d be satisfied with not holding them in my hands to read, but the convenience and simplicity of the Kindle has outweighed any misgivings I may have had.

My Kindle is a blessing and one of my favorite things.