Team Moms

I’ve been involved in a lot of activities with my children over the years… and I can honestly say that the projects that I chose to participate in were always because it was something I enjoyed.  I am not one of those martyr parents that takes on too much responsibility because they feel like “somebody’s got to do it.”  I never really understood that kind of thinking.  I’ve always known my first priority has been to my family and anything extra I could fit in was a bonus.  I sure wasn’t going to pick some crappy obligation to fill in any free time I might have just because I thought I was the only one capable of filling the role.

Having said all of this… I still have to take a minute to appreciate those people who do go above and beyond for the good of a program or organization.  It’s not my thing, but I do appreciate the people who spend countless hours working for the rest of us.  I don’t want to include the complainers in here… those people (usually women I hate to say) drive me crazy.  I’m talking about the volunteers who quietly do what has been asked of them and don’t expect a round of applause each time they finish their task.

We’ve been richly blessed to be around several people who fall into this category.  As a coach’s wife… I especially respect and appreciate their work.  The good ones take so much of the busy work off of Leroy’s hands… and it frees him up to focus on the coaching aspect… which is what he loves to do.