End of Summer

Today is the end of summer for me even if it is not official for the rest of the world.  Steel starts school tomorrow… (the first day of Senior year) and Sierra will be returning to Chico later on in the week.  Their absence is not what I celebrate… What I am most excited about is the fact that my life can now go back to a schedule.  I like things planned and executed from a pretty rigid schedule.  I want to know what I’m doing with lots of advance notice. I like the feeling of knowing (for the most part) where my kids are and what they are (or should be) doing.

During the summer months, adherence to such a strict schedule is not as necessary so we tend to come and go with the wind.  I’m not much of one for spontaneity… so, essentially, this drives me crazy.  Beginning tomorrow, we’ll all pay more attention to the calendar and things will get accomplished in a much more efficient manner… Just the way I like it!